“lt’s like a store”

For a little while last summer we had a phone perplexity –a dilemma –at the Market.   Our old Ma Bell instrument lacked energy in its ring.   So we were missing calls and if the folks at  the ferry line called to say we have fresh fish  on the dock we need to know that pronto.

        Serena solved it by pleading on Facebook.  Voila!!!  She got  results.  Several no longer needed phones  were brought to us.

        The one that best met our needs was given by Jimmy.   As soon  Serena  had it connected and all systems were functioning it rang and I answered to hear this from a shrill female voice:  “We are coming  to the island for a week .  Does your store have stuff?”

        Ah,  such eloquent words from an anxious voice.  I rolled my eyes.  Last year

a woman looked in and said our market  was “like a store.”  And now I could verify  that we sold “stuff.”  I assured the caller  that we could prevent her from going hungry  while she was here,

         Among the “stuff” we have are fun items  such as fortune cookies  Folks are invited to reach in the basket to choose one.  Once the fortune inside is read laughter is often heard and jovial conversations follow.

         On a September weekday  when the business pace was much slower I was game to learn what my fortune would read.  I squiggled my right hand in the basket and grabbed one.  It read:  Keep your nose to the grindstone.  I could accept that message.  It was doable. .     

         Let me try another using my left hand.   Ahh:  You will receive a  big compliment in front of others.   That surely could be true.  All summer we heard favorable  positive comments about our store.  Lots of people said they were glad

the Island Market existed.

         I think I was now addicted as I grabbed yet another  fortune cookie.  This time:  

Others appreciate your good sense of humor.   I winced as I read that  one but then remembered that the Sunday morning newspaper crowd  sometimes does laugh at my words.

          OK……..only one more.  This time my hand goes way  down to the bottom of the basket.  You have enough energy and enthusiasm  for two people.  That, now, was once true but my elder bones are slowing.  In fact, I think it is time to recharge my energy.  It is time for  a little nap.

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