Sometimes birthdays mean surprises

Birthdays are generally happy days.  Sometimes birthdays mean

surprises–  hopefully good surprises.   Last August 19th,  Serena’s

birthday,  she experienced a major surprise.

Starting on August 18th and continuing through the night rain clouds visited Madeline Island,  nestled in over Main Street, and spent hours shedding lots of major tears.   The Market roof was especially blessed.  So  when Serena and I  opened the door at 8 o’clock in the morning of August 19th we were greeted by a miniature Lake Superior inside the deli area of the Market.  Not just a bit of dampness but deep inches of water.  So on her birthday as we both got wet feet, I hummed “Happy Birthday”  and Serena grabbed the mop and began swabbing,

By morning the clouds  had turned off or moved on but the roof was still leaking so every  bucket we could find  was set out under persistent drips.  We were serenaded by the sound of “plink,plunk, drip,drip” all that morning.  I was prepared if the Weather Channel were to feature us as the leakiest roof in the country.

But luckily in our lives Serena has a big brother and I have a son who is an expert problem solver.   In October our hero Richter  ordered a string   of good weather days.  He recruited capable, strong, energetic, able-bodied, willing,  cheerful,  good-looking helpers who were up to the challenge.     They attacked the leaky  tar laden flat roof  that has been responsible for much gray hair  on a number of Hartig heads for over 20 years.  Layers and layers of bad roofing was removed.  It caused one to think  of an archeological dig as shovels went down, down,down through years of roofing remedies.

Then a new Richter designed roof covering was installed.  Not only for Serena’s next birthday but for all the days before it and after it we should have a leak free Market roof.  On August 19, 2016, she shall have a surprise that is not wet.

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