“Words” to fight winter writers block

When we are not in the summer months it becomes a bit challenging  to write this column   since I have no customers to listen to.  Their words and actions tend to be my source for column material.  In winter as I relax and hibernate I read.  I watch for words to add to my vocabulary.  Voila!!  My lightbulb lights!  I could make words be the subject of a winter Chatter column.

Anyone who has been around for a few years has heard or said or read thousands of words.  As an infant you heard sounds.  Sometimes the same sounds were repeated and before long  you mimicked them.  As time passed you absorbed the sounds and they became words.   When age two came around you likely had a few words  down pat.  One of them (if you were up on an age two tendency) was likely the word “NO”.  On to age three  when you probably  had  “WHY”  in your word collection..

As you grew and added reading to  your skills your vocabulary grew .  When you were a teen you may have  ignored most words especially those spoken by your elders.  If you took the SAT exam  you saw some words that you had never ever encountered.  And then once you were a parent you completed the circle by speaking words to infants and toddlers.

(By the way, you can have fun with that last mentioned stage.  In my family Ed and I taught Richter that big zoo animal with a trunk was a pachyderm.  We just skipped the word elephant.  I don’t think our doing that has had deleterious effects…)

Early in 2016 I noticed that Facebook  compiled a person’s  most used words in 2015 for people who posted there.  That caused me to consider going a step further.and finding  out about   a person’s favorite word. .

Knowing it is common for people to have a favorite color, a favorite animal, a favorite song,  why not a favorite word?  I have had one for many years.  My word is pretty to see and melodious to hear.  It bursts out of the mouth when spoken.  It gives the lips something useful to do.  As a bonus it has a prominent but silent letter.  My favorite word is “POTPOURRI”.  I use it often.

In our Island Market we develop a special relationship with many customers. So I feel at ease getting a wee bit personal here as I request  readers of this column to reveal their own favorite word.   If it is repeatable and/or printable  this could lead to an informative poster in the Market.  So when the snow and cold are gone, and Serena and I are behind the counter, please be ready to tell us your favorite word–preferably in English.  (However, Minnesotan is acceptable.)

So come on, Mrs. Sowl’s  students,  do you have a favorite?  Maybe  from Dr, Seuss?  High schoolers  ( maybe from a dystopian  book ) and advanced elders, (I hope not “insomnia” or “prostate.).  I eagerly hope to hear from Greg, Jim, Jane,  Jessica, Jack,  Joe, and Erin, Andy, Sue, Aspen. Kevin, and Tim and many more folks.  This could be fun and really enlightening.

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