“You look just like my dead aunt!”

Several years ago  a young man customer looked directly at me and emphatically declared, “You look just like my dead aunt!”  I guess I don’t  mind having a facial resemblance  but I’m not quite  ready for the “dead”  part..   And I know  that altering routines and changing patterns can help one stay alert and maybe alive.

So in that realm Serena  and Richter are keeping me with the living  by changing the Island Market in a number of aspects. For example,  the ancient deli case is gone. Because it was one half inch  too wide to fit through either the front door or the rear door it was dismantled  with  muscles and a Sawzall  right in the store.  And, as a result, one major deli case piece now has a  valued new function.  (I find it pays to have creative thinking children.)

A number of planned alterations were done as well as one that was totally not planned.  A cast iron plumbing pipe developed a crack, and thus a leak and had to be removed and replaced.  It was not a minor thing to be done since the evil pipe was in the ceiling.  It probably had been there since dinosaurs roamed Madeline  Island  but my hero, Dave Boone, plumber par excellence,  managed successfully to do  the very nasty job.

Come see our subtle and not so subtle  changes.  And we will listen to see if you  use the descriptive word we have heard repeatedly about our changes.  Oh,  and I remind you to bring me your favorite word as I requested in an earlier Gazette.

A final thought because of all the smart phones in use today:  On Madeline Island fifty years ago  our social media  was the party line telephone.

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